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The Making of REPEAT: The Set

One of the first steps in our pre-production stage is to build out set main set. Our film like many independent movies has modest and achievable settings. We have around 50% of filming will be shot in my own home which is a huge

bonus when it comes to being able to keep our equipment setup. We have a realistic but tight shoot schedule planned which reducing the "tech bits" will aid massively.

Our main set is my double garage which was until very recently my under used gym. The first step was to totally clear out the equipment. We had already painted the walls a dark dingy for a previous film which saved a job. The aim was to turn the room into a home grown laboratory/workshop. The script was written with this room in mind and so we had a good idea of how it should look before we began the set build.

Our main aim was to have a large space for our lights, camera and actors to be able to work with and to allow for a number of shooting angles. Much like a TV set we have three active sides to the set with one that will host the lighting rigs. We may choose to shoot in that direction when we start filming but at this time there are no plans to. It also is the only side with windows which we have blacked out to control the light of the room and ensure consistency.

Around the edges of the room we have introduced a two of work benches, shelves and four large floor to ceiling racks. The idea is to have interest in the room whichever direction we shoot at. The byproduct of this is we have had to but an huge amount of props to sit on the shelves etc. Once the film is complete we are going to have a lot of trips to the local skits to clear the junk we have acquired.

Only the workbench and racking were purchased as new with everything else coming from skips or free websites such as facebook marketplace. This includes a carpenters bench, TV (without remote), stools, heaters and monitors. We will most likely continue adding extra items until the shoot day.

The room had only one single light bulb in the centre of the ceiling which provides awful lighting. We have since installed many forms of lighting in the form of kitchen under cabinet tubes, TVs / Monitors and a bunch of RGB bulbs which are attached around the room on clips allowing us to have them hang in different positions. These lights are crazy cheap on amazon and can all be controlled with an app as single bulbs or as a group. They do not give off a huge amount of light but give a great background light. Attaching a light to the ceiling was harder than first imagined as it seems its made out of thick concrete. To attach a hanging light we had to use a strong adhesive on a piece of wood which we attached our light hooks onto. We wanted a nice light to hang over the bench as a lot of action would take place there. We used a Yongnuo yn360 LED tube which is a fantastic light and again RGB allowing us to change the color of the light depending on the scene. Its also battery powered meaning we didn't have to find a power source - BONUS!.

Power is the only downside to this room as there are no sockets installed currently. We are running three extension cables daisy chained currently for our test shoots which is neither safe or practical.

That's it for our first blog post. Take a look at the video above and drop us a like/subscribe.

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