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Body In the Box Productions is an award-winning film production company ran by Producer Kimberleigh Thurlow and Writer/Director Richard Miller with the sole aim to create engaging stories across all genres. 

Currently in pre-production for their new sci-fi thriller feature film REPEAT.

If you would like to work with us contact us at

Awards / Nominations

REPEAT (2021)


Best feature (Audiance Award) - London SciFi Film Festival

Best Feature - Derby Film Festival


Best Feature - Birmingham Film Festival

Can't Hide It (2019) 


International Film Festival of Wales: Welsh Dragon Award / Best Actress

White Deer Film Festival: Best East Midlands short

English Riviera Film Festival: Best Screenplay

BIAFF: Diamond Award, Best Actress

Best Home grown film.

Jump Cuts Film festival: Best Short Film, Best Director, Best Actress



English Riviera Film Festival: Best Actor/ Best Actress/ Best Director/ Best Short Film  Midlands Movies Awards: Best Screenplay, Best Actress

International Film Festival of Wales: Best Actor/ Best Short Film/ Best Director

White Deer Film Festival: Best Drama, Best Directing, Best Actress

Unrestricted View Film Festival: Best Short Film, Best Screenplay

Swindon Film Festival: Best Actress

Night Tide (2019)


Bottle Smoke Film Festival: Best Horror

New Forest Film Festival: Best Horror

BIAFF: Best Soundtrack / Best Editing

UK Monthly Film Festival: Best Horror

Best Cinematography: Midlands Movies Awards 


Feel The Reel International Film Festival: Best Director

Nexus Film Festival & Awards: Best Sound Design

Out of the Can Film Festival: Best Horror

Midlands Movies Awards: Best Short film, Best Editing

Neville Rumble (2017)


Midlands Movies Awards: Best Director


Midlands Movies Awards 2017 - Best Feature


The Exchange (2017)


MyRodeReel: Best Comedy / Best Production Design,

New Forest Film Festival: Best Horror 


Call Out (2018


MyRodeReel: Best Horror 


OFFICIAL SELECTION - Miami International Science Fiction Film Festival MiSciFi - 2022.png
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